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Hi, thanks for coming over! PLNK is a shoe store started by two friends who grew up together in Bangalore, India. We have our shoes designed at the biggest manufacturing hub in India and ship them directly to you- the consumer. These are handcrafted leather shoes made by artisans in with decades of experience. You order on the new website and it gets to you within 4 days at a runaway $.We have no retail stores, no overheads, no marketing, and sales consultants and none of the other bullsh*t costs that big brands indirectly pass onto you. We made this website in 25 minutes. We built out logo in 5 minutes (ping us and we'll tell you how). And we exploited our younger siblings to shoot pictures for the website.But we spent months at a stretch to perfect the design, quality and build of our shoes.


Good Q. It is named after Planck length - which is about 10E- 21 times the radius of a proton and the smallest distance that can be physically observed, anything smaller than this and our known laws of physics no longer applies. We will always work hard to draw the shortest line between the manufacturer and the consumer.


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