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  • Breaking into Goodyear Welted Shoes

    Goodyear Welted is known as ‘the gold standard’ of shoe construction and quite rightly so, it makes shoes extremely hardy and resilient. This construction method enables the shoes to undergo multiple resoling processes, significantly prolonging their lifespan. It also means that, again, the shoes will be less flexible straight away due to the amount of stitching and welting, which also adds a little weight. Many experienced wearers of goodyear welted shoes are familiar with this, but first-time users of this construction often have some questions regarding the process of breaking in their shoes.

    Breaking in goodyear-welted shoes takes a couple of wears because it involves allowing the leather upper and insole to mould to the contours of the wearer's foot. This gradual adjustment is necessary because leather is a natural material that requires sufficient time to stretch and become more supple. Additionally, factors such as the thickness and stiffness of the leather, as well as the shoe's design, can contribute to the lengthier breaking-in process.  The cork footbed, situated between the sole and insole of Goodyear-welted shoes, may initially feel rigid. However, its purpose is to gradually adapt to the contours of your feet as you wear them in, similar to the way the leather uppers conform over time. It's worth noting that the stiffness is often most noticeable around the heel area. During the breaking-in process, it is not uncommon to experience discomfort or develop blisters, particularly in the heel area. It's important to understand that this occurrence doesn't indicate poor quality or a defect; it is simply a natural part of the process.

    Remember, the breaking-in phase is crucial for achieving optimal comfort and a personalised fit for your Goodyear-welted shoes. To minimise any discomfort during the breaking-in period, it is advisable to wear the shoes for shorter durations initially and then gradually increase the amount of time you wear them each day. For example, on the first day, you can wear them for one hour, and then add an additional hour each subsequent day until you can comfortably wear them for a full work day. At PLNK Shoes, we recommend this gradual approach to ensure optimal comfort and a proper fit for your new Goodyear-welted shoes.

    You might be questioning the rationale behind enduring the breaking-in process for a pair of shoes, and I completely understand your scepticism. However, I can assure you that the effort is truly worthwhile. Once you have successfully broken in your shoes, which can take anywhere from one to two weeks, you will experience unparalleled comfort. These shoes will surpass any other footwear you've worn before, thanks to the high-quality leathers utilised in their construction. Not only will they provide exceptional comfort, but they will also exude a remarkable aesthetic appeal. The end result will be a pair of shoes that not only feel superb but also look outstanding.