Locally sourced, Globally inspired.


PLNK is a shoe store started by two best friends who grew up together in Bangalore, India. We get our shoes designed at the largest manufacturing hub in India and ship them directly to you - the consumer. These are handcrafted leather shoes made by artisans in Ambur, Tamil Nadu with decades of experience. 

You order on our website and it gets to you within 4 days at a runaway price. We have no retail stores, no operational overheads, no marketing and sales consultants running around and none of the other bullsh*t costs that big brands indirectly pass onto you. We made this website in 1 day. We designed the logo in 5 minutes (ping us and we'll tell you how). And we exploited our younger siblings to shoot pictures for the website.

 But we spent months at a stretch to perfect the design, quality and build of our shoes with local artisans. We hope you like them as much as we do!


Designed by expert, local craftsmen with decades of experience designing shoes for major international brands.


Our shoes are made from leather sourced directly from the largest hub in South Asia.


We offer free delivery and (near) free returns on all our products.


It looks like we missed the memo on sneakers. There's been a whole range of men's shoes catering to this "cultural shift". We wanted to bring back classic, vintage men's wear - and so we started with shoes that we like to wear - brogues and wholecuts made from genuine leather. In addition to delivering great products, we're passionate about empowering the local artisans and economy. Since we don't have the marketing and operational overheads of a traditional brand, most of the money you pay goes directly to the local industry in Ambur.


Stay classy.